lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

The film Actor, Martincho

Martincho had become a famous actor because of their physical disposition. But in one of his presentations he lost control and went against the cameras and other devices.
Lay down all appliances, especially electronic equipment from the government. In a few seconds, broke all to pieces and the theater became a mess.
Moments later came the prosecutors arrested the actor, and decided to sentence him to four years in prison for having destroyed the chambers of government officials, as these materials were valued at an amount over 80,000 Euros.
So when he was being transferred to maximum security prison, serving his sentence, a journalist approached to propose:
- Four years in prison. You’re on time. You can reverse things if you try to defend yourself. You’re famous and soon you can fill that bill. Do not you think?
Martincho, jovial as he was, gave him a smile, saying:

- ....I assume the sentence! Now I have to act in a prisoner!

Be prepared for whatever comes next is a sign that one is awake.


domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

Husband and Wife

Gif Animado RomanticoHusband and Wife
The woman tells her husband:
- Why not fix the lighting of the hall?
The husband replied:
- But if I am not an electrician!
She asked again:
- Why not fix the kitchen cabinet?
The husband replied:
- But if I am not a carpenter!
One day, however, the husband sees the light and furniture are arranged, then asks:
- How do you manage it?
Ah! Said the lady. New neighbor came and fixed it all.
The husband asked:
- And you took something?
- Well –said the woman–. I gave him a choice between cake or sleeping with him.
The husband, paying more attention, continued:
- And what did you do the cake?
The wife replied:
- But if I am not a cook!

In married life are necessary naughty, they help to make life more bearable.


miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

Pepito and the Young Teacher

Nene Haciendo Pis Pepito haciendo pis

The young teacher entered the class and told the children:
- Well children, today, you tell me: what part of my body do you like and I will tell you what will be when they grow. OK?All the children answered:
- OK.
Then she began ask:
- Pedrito, tell me, what part of my body do you like?
Pedrito answered:
- I like your eyes.
And she said:
- Well, you will be an oculist.
Later she asked another child:
- Pablito Tell me, what part of my body do you like?
Pablito said:
- I like your hair.
The teacher said:
- Very Good Pablito, you will be a hairdresser.
Then she asked Jorgito:
-  Tell me Jorgito, what part of my body do you like?
The child answered:
- I like your mouth.
The teacher said:
- Good Jorgito, you will be a dentist.
So on. Finally the teacher asks Pepito:
- Tell me Pepito: What part of my body do you like?
Pepito replied:
- Ah! Teacher ... To be honest, I just found out that I will be dairy men.

Children are smarter than older people, although they think otherwise.