lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

The film Actor, Martincho

Martincho had become a famous actor because of their physical disposition. But in one of his presentations he lost control and went against the cameras and other devices.
Lay down all appliances, especially electronic equipment from the government. In a few seconds, broke all to pieces and the theater became a mess.
Moments later came the prosecutors arrested the actor, and decided to sentence him to four years in prison for having destroyed the chambers of government officials, as these materials were valued at an amount over 80,000 Euros.
So when he was being transferred to maximum security prison, serving his sentence, a journalist approached to propose:
- Four years in prison. You’re on time. You can reverse things if you try to defend yourself. You’re famous and soon you can fill that bill. Do not you think?
Martincho, jovial as he was, gave him a smile, saying:

- ....I assume the sentence! Now I have to act in a prisoner!

Be prepared for whatever comes next is a sign that one is awake.


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